How to Get Your Desired Vehicle Number:India Registration Guide

Ishta Registration

Many people go for fancy numbers for their favorite vehicles. Such registration numbers are often acquired with the help of agents. But otherwise you can also try to get your desired number. Although the procedures vary slightly from state to state, the basic procedures are the same across the country. Let’s see how to get Ishta Registration Number without extra cost.

Is there a number?

First check if the number you are looking for is available. For this, just go to the Parivahan website. All numbers from 1 to 9999 may not always be available. The RTOs must have clearly stated which numbers can be acquired.

Account Registration
After getting the Vahan Fancy Number portal, you need to register. It is enough to provide the necessary information for this. Account registration can be completed easily.

No. and base price

With registration you will get an opportunity to login to the Vahan Fancy Number portal. You can select the number under which RTO you want. If there is an unsold fancy number even in earlier registrations, that too can be known. Different series have different base prices. The base price varies from state to state.

Application and payment

After logging into the website, go to the number selection section. Here you can see which numbers are not sold by RTO. Select your preferred number and click register. Then application number will be asked.

It asks for the application number of the vehicle’s tax paid temporary registration number. You will have received this number via SMS from Vahan website while paying vehicle tax. If you don’t have that, just approach the showroom/dealer where you bought the vehicle. After entering this application number, the money can be withdrawn. This will let you know that you have applied for the number.


If there are more than one bidders for the same number, they will have to participate in the auction. If you are the first to apply, you will get the number at the base price if no one has applied for the same number within a week. Auctions will be held from 4pm on Saturday to 10.30pm on Monday. You can set the bid amount in multiples of Rs.1000. Whoever pays more will get the number.

If you fail in the auction, you can reapply for a new number. Still follow the steps mentioned earlier. You will receive a refund of the base price paid to participate in the auction.

RTO Procedures

You will get the information via SMS and email if the number is yours with or without participating in the auction. The RTO process will start only after the full payment of the auction amount. Usually the number will be allocated to you within two working days. Once the RTO process is completed, SMS will be received on your number and you can contact your dealer to get the desired number for the vehicle.