Tragic Demise of Brazilian Singer Dani Li at 42 After Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery death

Rio: Brazilian singer Dani Li, who underwent cosmetic surgery, has passed away. He was 42 years old. Death was due to complications after surgery.

The singer underwent liposuction surgery to remove the accumulated fat from her body. The surgery is on Friday. Liposuction surgery was performed on the abdomen and back. She also underwent breast reduction surgery.

Later, Danny Li’s condition worsened. He was immediately shifted to another hospital but his life could not be saved. The cause of the singer’s death has not been confirmed. Investigation started.

Danny Lee gained world attention with the album ‘I’m from the Amazon’. Born in Afua in the Amazon jungle, the star rose to fame through a talent show. The last album was released two months ago. She has a husband and a seven-year-old daughter.