Mercedes EQG: Electric G-Class Off-Road Prototype Unveiled

Electric G-Class prototype

The 100% electric Mercedes G-Class prototype demonstrates all its power on the mud… And it looks very good. The all-electric version of the G-Class will arrive very soon, and the brand is little by little teaching new things about off-roading. Its launch is expected to arrive very soon, a car that has been announced since 2021, when the first prototype was presented with the basis of a future electric G-Class.

And it all started in mid-2021. At the Munich Motor Show, the IAA Mobility Show, which was held in September of that same year, the star’s firm revealed the Mercedes EQG Concept, which was nothing more than a preview of the electric G-Class. After that there were months of silence, interrupted by some details of what will be the first electric G-Class that the company has launched.

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Since then, as we say, we have been learning some details of the model, but nothing confirmed. Now we see it walking alongside its combustion brothers to test the benefits of the electric variant. Without a doubt, the G-Class is an institution, and being able to maintain the legacy is something that worries the brand. The model has not changed much during these years, as it continues to offer everything that so many customers fell in love with decades ago.

“Only a G-Class can judge a G-Class. Watch as the G-Class electric prototype is sent back to the 1990s, accompanied by a G300 GE in its natural habitat: large off-roaders. Will the young man be approved by the older G-Class? ”Mercedes said in the description of her video. A video that they have released on her YouTube channel and that you have illustrating these lines.

At the moment we know that it will be based on a traditional stringer and crossmember chassis, and that it will have a redesigned version of the platform used by the current G-Class. It is also believed that it will mount an electric propulsion system made up of four electric motors, one on each wheel, with great traction power. It is also known that it will have a double wishbone suspension system on the front axle and a rigid axle at the rear.

The weight will be important, since there is talk of exceeding 3 tons. We are talking about a really notable weight, because even though electric cars usually raise this figure, this weight seems completely crazy to us. In any case, we will still have to wait for the official data, because for the moment all that is said is smoke and it may come to nothing if the brand confirms other data.

And speaking of the brand, everything seems to indicate that the electric Mercedes G will be released at the beginning of 2024, with manufacturing to take place in Graz, Austria. Production will be supervised by Magna Steyr, as in the case of the G-Class, to guarantee correct work. But until then, enjoy seeing the model rolling off-road with its combustion brethren.