Maldives Opposition Leader Calls for Apology from India

Maldives Opposition India Apology

Male: Opposition to Maldivian President to officially apologize to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Kasim Ibrahim, the leader of the opposition party Maldive Jumuri Party (JP), requested this from President Muhammed Muisu. Qasim Ibrahim has raised the demand while moves are underway to bring an impeachment motion against Muisu.

“We should not talk about any country, especially a neighboring country, in a way that affects mutual relations. We have an obligation to our country that must be considered. Former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih considered this. That is why he issued an order banning the ‘India Out’ campaign. This order shall not be revoked. If you do that, the country will lose. It shouldn’t be. So I am asking Muisu not to do that. And I demand an official apology from the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the remarks made by President Muizu after his visit to China,’ said Qasim Ibrahim.

Last year, the then President Ibrahim Solih issued an order banning the ‘India Out’ campaign. He banned the campaign saying it was a threat to national security. In this way, the banners that were part of the campaign were destroyed and legal action was taken against the opposition parties who were campaigning.

Meanwhile, the MDP is moving forward with a motion to impeach President Muizu. MDP held on Monday This was decided in a parliamentary party meeting. The MDP-led opposition has a majority in the 80-member parliament.

The impeachment move follows the dramatic scenes and hand-wringing that took place in Parliament on Sunday. India-friendly MDP Muizu became the president by defeating the leader Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the elections held in September 2023.