Hungarian President Resigns Amid Public Outrage

Hungarian President Resignation

Budapest: Hungarian President Katalin Novak has resigned. The resignation came amid strong public outrage over the pardoning of a man accused of sexually abusing children.

Katalin Novak, 46, said in announcing her resignation: “I apologize to everyone who was hurt by my actions. Apologies to all victims. Novak stated that he will continue to take a positive stand to protect children and families.

The opposition parties and other organizations organized a massive protest in front of the president’s palace against the president for granting the pardon. There was a strong clamor for the president’s resignation across the country.

Katalin Novak, who resigned, is close to Prime Minister Viktor Orb├ín. Katalin Novak became the country’s first female president in March 2022. Following the President’s resignation, former Justice Department Minister Judith Verga has also announced her retirement from public practice.