Western Pressure: India-Russia Relations Under Scrutiny

India-Russia relations

New Delhi: Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov said that western countries are trying to distance India from Russia. India and Russia have a long standing relationship. In an interview to Russia Today, he said that the US representatives who came to India made a direct statement in this regard.

There is even a threat of sanctions. India and Russia have a strong, long-standing and cordial relationship. The relationship has been underpinned by the Soviet Union’s assistance to Indian socio-cultural development since the days of the Soviet Union. However, like the western partners, they have never asked for cooperation in politics, have not interfered in internal affairs, and have always maintained a relationship of mutual respect’ – he clarified.

After the start of the Russia-Ukraine war in 2022, even when all the Western countries turned against Russia, India took a soft approach. When Western countries stopped importing Russian crude oil, India became the largest importer.

Republican leader Nikki Haley recently made a statement that India was strategically close to Russia due to lack of trust in American leadership. India does not believe that the US is a country that can win. India always moves ahead strategically. Nikki Haley also said that’s why they made an alliance with Russia.