Reasons Electric Car Buyers Regret: Essential Considerations

Electric cars

While there are many reasons why you will be happy after purchasing an electric car, there are also some reasons why you might regret it. So that it doesn’t catch you by surprise and you can evaluate it carefully, we show you what these lesser-known reasons are.

The decision to purchase an electric car is not easy, especially if you are coming from a vehicle with a conventional internal combustion engine. It requires some meditation, so it is important to evaluate what your lifestyle is, what you need from a vehicle and what use you are going to make of it in order to make the best decision.

Once each of these points is well defined, and if all the answers are favorable, you should consider other important aspects in the purchasing process such as: the available budget, the possibility of installing a charging point at home and which specific model is suitable. better to your preferences.

At this point, many buyers proceed to purchase the vehicle without taking into account those real reasons why some electric car owners may regret their purchase.

Reasons why you might regret buying an electric car

In this article we are going to show you what are the causes of possible regret in the short and medium term. Because it is vital to also take into account these problems that you may face as a driver of an electric vehicle and evaluate them carefully before making the final purchase decision.

One of the reasons that can lead to regret buying an electric car is found in the roadside assistance service. Professionals in the sector have already denounced the lack of training of crane operators who, in many cases, do not know how to correctly handle an electric car to load or unload it from the assistance vehicle.

This is not only a serious problem if you have been stranded on the road due to a breakdown or a failure when calculating the battery’s range. It also carries a higher risk of causing a more serious breakdown if the roadside assistance professional does not operate the vehicle correctly.

On the other hand, according to a study carried out by the OCU, insurance for electric cars is, on average, 17% more expensive than insurance for a combustion car. This is mainly due to the higher costs of repairing or replacing the battery if it is damaged in a traffic accident.

Access to public charging stations is a cause for regret if they become overcrowded, that is, if there are more vehicles charging than charging points. Furthermore, electric cars that charge on high-power fast chargers, when their car does not support that much charging power, hinder other vehicles that can charge at that speed, generating long queues.

Another reason that could lead you to regret purchasing an electric car are fluctuations in electricity costs, reaching very high price peaks that substantially increase the cost of recharging. We experienced this in much of 2022 and 2023 with the energy crisis that affected all European countries.

On the other hand, the high weight and high torque of electric cars generates greater tire wear, which becomes a recurring expense if you do not know how to manage the power and abuse more urban driving.

Furthermore, the weight of this type of vehicle has given rise to the so-called “SUV tax” that was recently approved in Paris, where drivers of the heaviest vehicles (more than 2,000 kg if it is an electric vehicle) will have to pay triple for park in the regulated parking areas of the French capital.

Even so, electric cars continue to offer a multitude of advantages over traditional internal combustion vehicles. It all comes down to correctly choosing the vehicle you are going to buy, planning trips and making proper use of the car at all times.