Hispano Switzerland Sagrera: New Electric Hypercar Revealed

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We all know the glorious Spanish brand, although few have been able to enjoy its products.

The Hispano Switzerland Sagrera is the new Spanish electric Hypercar and we are starting to learn some details. We all know the glorious Spanish brand, although few have been able to enjoy its products. Cars that were originally only suitable for nobility and royalty.

The Spanish monarch Alfonso XIII was one of his clients, so you can get an idea of ​​the relevance he had. But those were other times, since the current offer has little to do with then. The Hispanic Switzerland Carmen Sagrera is his latest work, and it looks as you can see in the video.

A few years ago Hispano Switzerland was reborn, and since then it has launched three models if we count the last one. This is a new variant of the Carmen electric hypercar, a car that uses the name of the Barcelona neighborhood of La Sagrera. The brand had a factory there.

Not all the details of the model are known. The company seems to want to update its Carmen model, and to do so it uses this version. For example, in the aerodynamics section it has important evolutions. With this we understand that the differences must be important.

One of its most important changes is the installation of a generously sized spoiler at the rear. It is a carbon fiber element, an accessory that will attract a lot of attention. Despite this, the brand says that it retains the company’s own elegance.

“Sagrera refers to the roots of Hispano Switzerland in the neighborhood of La Sagrera, in Barcelona, ​​where one of the many factories that the Spanish manufacturer had was established. The growing interest in its models forced the company to move to this area, known for its industrial activity, in 1907,” says the brand.

“It was the first large factory of Hispano Switzerland and it coincided with an increase in production. It was located on the Ribas road, where it occupied an area of ​​50,000 square meters and underwent two expansions to meet the needs of the market, employing 1,800 people,” they concluded.

This new version will be accompanied by a new 103 kWh capacity battery, which will allow the Sagrera to offer greater autonomy than its two brothers. We are talking about Hispano Swiss Carmen and Hispano Swiss Carmen Boulogne.

These models use an 80 kWh battery pack, but their range does not exceed 400 kilometers. We understand that with this new battery the total autonomy of the vehicle will be increased considerably. Although we still do not have data to corroborate this hypothesis.

“It is the result of the constant evolution of Carmen and Carmen Boulogne. In addition, it establishes the foundations of the design line that the brand will follow in the coming years. I still cannot reveal too many details, but it comes to continue fulfilling the wishes of our clients, who asked us for something like this, and to continue being unique,” ​​says the current CEO of Hispano Switzerland, Sergio Martínez Campos, about the new model presented by the company.