Pakistan Army Chief Urges Stability Amid Political Uncertainty

Pakistan politics

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army Chief General Asim Syed Muneer has said that Pakistan should stay away from anarchic politics. Since the formation of Pakistan, the military has been a major influence on the country’s politics, as generals have ruled it for almost half of the time. The general’s statement is seen as a directive to the political leadership at a time when the general election results are still coming in.

He said stable leadership is essential to move forward from politics of anarchy and polarization which is not suitable for a progressive country of 250 million people. General Azim Syed Munir said that elections are not a zero sum between victory and defeat, but a process of determining the fate of the people.

It was widely believed that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s party would get the military’s support this time. Political uncertainty is expected to arise in Pakistan after the final election results released on Saturday did not show a clear majority. Meanwhile, candidates backed by jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan have been doing well.