Nostradamus Prophecy: King Charles Cancer and Royal Succession

Nostradamus Prophecy

London – After Britain’s King Charles was diagnosed with cancer, the predictions of the 16th century French astrologer Nostradamus are once again in the international media. Nostradamus prophesied in 1555 that the King would abdicate and Prince Harry would take the throne, according to reports. British author Mario Reading, who wrote the book ‘Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future’, says that the people will oust the king of the islands; It is predicted that someone who never expected to be king will be replaced. Mario claims that many of Nostrada’s predictions about the British royal family have turned out to be correct, including the death of Queen Elizabeth in 2022.

Harry had come to London to visit his ailing father. Harry lives in California with his wife Meghan and children and is estranged from his family. In his autobiography, ‘Spare’, Harry revealed the problems in the royal family, which was also controversial.

Buckingham Palace announced that the King had been diagnosed with cancer after he sought treatment at the hospital due to inflammation of the prostate gland. Following the diagnosis, the King’s public events have been cancelled. The king wants to be active like before as soon as possible. According to reports, the king will arrive at the hospital for further treatment and examination.


Nostradamus’ 2024 Prediction Resurfaces Amid King Charles’ Cancer Battle