UN Chief Condemns Israeli Buffer Zone Actions

Gaza buffer zone

UN chief calls Israel’s efforts to create buffer zones in Gaza a war crime

Washington: UN rights chief Volker Turk said that the Israeli government’s efforts to create buffer zones in Gaza are a war crime. The UN chief said the Israeli government is trying to create buffer zones by destroying buildings widely in cities.

Volker Turk said in a statement that the Israeli government’s destruction of property in Gaza, led by the army, is illegal and that these military actions amount to a serious violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and a war crime.

Citing a study report released by the Hebrew University, he stated that the Zionist regime destroyed 40 percent of the 2,824 buildings in Gaza located within one kilometer of the border with Israel.

International media reported that most of the land in Gaza, which became a military zone, was agricultural land, according to a report by the Hebrew University.

At the same time, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres came out against the division formed in the UN Security Council on the Israel-Palestine issue. Antonio Guterres said that this is not the first time that the Security Council is divided, but it is bad given the current situation and the helplessness of the UN is dangerous.

Current figures show that the Israeli army’s offensive in Gaza has increased the Palestinian death toll to 27,708 and injured 67,174. Reports also indicate that 7,000 people are missing. The Ministry of Health announced that 130 Palestinians were killed in airstrikes by the army in Gaza in the last 24 hours.

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