Egypt Warns Netanyahu: Peace Treaty at Risk over Rafah Invasion

Egypt Netanyahu peace treaty

If Rafa invades, peace treaty with Israel will be suspended: Egypt warns Netanyahu

Cairo: Egypt will temporarily suspend the important peace agreement with Israel if it attacks the border city of Rafah in Gaza.

Two Egyptian officials and a Western diplomat said the historic Camp David accord between the two countries would be suspended if the Israeli government continued its efforts to destroy and capture the Palestinian city of Rafah, the AP reported.

According to political observers, this is a valid threat of Egypt to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Egyptian authorities have pointed out that if Israeli forces cross the Rafah border, millions of Palestinians will leave Gaza. Later, international media reported that Egypt feared that they would not be able to return to the cities of Palestine, which were under siege by the Zionist regime.

On Saturday, the official Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that the Israeli army launched new attacks in the city of Rafah based on new plans.

International media reports indicated that 11 residents were killed and several others injured in an attack by Israeli forces on a house in Al Nasser neighborhood, north of Rafah.

Reports also indicate that three Palestinians were killed in a bomb attack on a house in the Al Jenina neighborhood in the east of the city.

Current figures show that the Israeli army’s offensive in Gaza has increased the Palestinian death toll to 28,176 and injured 67,784. Reports also indicate that 7,000 people are missing. The Ministry of Health announced that 112 Palestinians were killed in airstrikes by the army in Gaza in the last 24 hours.

Content Highlight: Egypt will temporarily suspend the important peace agreement with Israel if it attacks Rafah