Kim Jong Un Rejects Diplomatic Relations with South Korea

Kim Jong Un

Seoul: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has said that he does not want any kind of diplomatic relations with South Korea. Kim Jong-un also warned that he would eliminate South Korea if it provoked. Kim’s statement comes in the context of the strained relations between the two Koreas.

South Korea has strengthened its defense alliance with the US and Japan as North Korea continues to conduct more missile tests. A joint military exercise was also conducted. This has angered North Korea.

At the same time, political observers are of the view that a direct attack or war, as stated by Kim Jong Un, is unlikely to happen. They also point out that Kim’s goal is to create pressure in the context of elections in South Korea and the US.

Last week, North Korea claimed to have tested an underwater nuclear attack drone following joint naval exercises by South Korea, the United States and Japan. North Korea tested a spy satellite for the third time in November. In addition to this, Korea also conducted a test of an intercontinental ballistic missile in December.