Meta Labels AI-generated Content on Social Media

AI-generated content

Meta’s new decision to backlash those who post AI-made photos on social media and seek likes. Meta, the parent company, has announced that AI-generated images posted on Facebook and Instagram will be labeled separately to identify them. The move also comes in the backdrop of increasing fraud and crimes using artificial intelligence.

Metta said that the decision to label AI images is part of an effort to distinguish between real and artificial in the context of the increasing involvement of artificial intelligence in the technology sector. Collaboration with other partners in the tech sector will also be done in this regard.

There have been many instances in recent times where the spread of deepfake images and videos created using AI has threatened privacy itself. The deep fake video made in the name of actress Rashmika Mandana’s appearance had created a big discussion. Following this, the central government had promised to legislate to curb deepfaking.

There were also reports of financial fraud using deep fake videos. Recently, a case was filed against a gaming site that produced a deep fake video of Sachin Tendulkar and prepared an advertisement.