Disney's Epic Games Investment Boosts Gaming Presence

Epic Games investment

Disney invests in game maker Epic Games A transaction worth Rs 12,400 crore has taken place. The popular game Fortnite is owned by Epic Games. The collaboration is part of Disney’s Star Wars, Marvel and Avatar game projects. Disney characters will also be present in the Fortnite game. Epic will also be involved in various projects at Disney’s theme parks.

In 2016, Disney withdrew from the gaming industry. It is preparing for a huge return with new stock investment.

Companies like Netflix are also focusing on gaming. 3 billion gamers worldwide are poised to tap into the huge potential.

Important information

Epic Games and Disney have had several joint ventures over the years, but a major move has been made with the announcement of the new partnership.

∙The games will still run on Epic’s Unreal Engine, which is already used to create many Disney games and films.

Disney characters have appeared in Fortnite before

Marvel: Marvel heroes and villains have been introduced to the world of Fortnite, with customizable skins available for characters like Iron Man, Thor, and Black Widow.

Star Wars: Star Wars-themed events and skins are featured, allowing players to fight as Darth Vader or as lightsabers.

Pixar: Toy Story characters also appeared in Fortnite.