WhatsApp to Enable Cross-App Messaging

cross-app messaging

Is it possible to send messages from WhatsApp to Telegram? The answer is no. However, this answer is about to change. WhatsApp is preparing to facilitate cross-app chat so that you can send messages to other apps like Telegram, Messenger, Skype, Signal and Snap.

Group chats and calls may not be available initially. WhatsApp will store messages from other apps separately. This will be shown in a separate section called ‘Ted Party Chats’. Cross-app chat cannot be said to be available anytime soon, as there are still hurdles to overcome, including the consent of other apps.

There are also issues, including how to cooperate with apps that pose security threats and are government-restricted. Another problem is that different apps have different protocols and security standards. Various apps need to reach a clear agreement with WhatsApp on issues including privacy.

WhatsApp director of engineering Dick Brewer said more details will be made available in March. The European Union has enacted legislation to ensure the cooperation of various chat apps. Europe is being considered for cross-app chat initially as the deadline for this approaches. It will be available worldwide later. It remains to be seen what position Apple’s iMessage, which is a closed platform, will take on the new move.