Lectric EV LXS 2.0: Revolutionizing Electric Commuting

Lectric EV LXS 2.0

An electric scooter comes with values ​​that are important to a large percentage of Indian consumers like affordability, adequate range and quality. The star is Lectric EV’s LXS 2.0. Lectric has sold more than ten thousand electric scooters in India. The new model is introduced as part of expanding market presence.

The LXS 2.0 has a 2.3KW battery. It gives a range of 98 km. This is a range that is suitable for everyday commuting of the common man. The company also claims that the lifespan of this vehicle is more than 1.25 lakh km. The Lectric EV is also shockingly priced at Rs 79,999. Pre-booking for LXS 2.0 has started. The company also informs that those who have pre-booked will get the scooter from next month.

K Vijayakumar, MD & CEO, SAR Electric Mobility commented on the objectives behind the launch of LXS 2.0. Vijayakumar said the LXS 2.0 is the value-for-money vehicle that Indian consumers want. While launching the LXS 2.0, he commented that the affordable price has not compromised on the build quality and features.

The LXS 2.0 is the only electric two-wheeler in the Indian market that offers a range of 98 km on a 2.3KW battery. Price and range are the two main concerns that come to mind when people are thinking of buying electric scooters. LXS 2.0 manages to solve both of these. The attractively priced scooter is expected to increase the adoption of electric two-wheelers in the country.


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