Indian National Sentenced to 9 Years in US for $2.8M Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud sentencing

Michigan: A 43-year-old Indian national has been sentenced to nine years in prison in the US for a $2.8 million health care fraud, the US Department of Justice said. Over two months, Indian national Yogesh K Pancholi, a resident of Michigan and owner of a private healthcare company, and his associates submitted fraudulent claims. Federal prosecutors alleged that he obtained nearly $2.8 million in payments from Medicare for services that were never provided.

Pancholi transferred the ill-gotten funds to accounts in India through bank accounts linked to shell corporations. Just before registering the case, Pancholi sent false and defamatory emails to various federal government agencies under a fake name. The message was sent by the government witness who committed the crimes. Officials in the Department of Justice say that the intention was to prevent the witness from testifying. The jury had convicted Pancholi of conspiring to commit various previous frauds


Indian national gets 9-year jail term in US for $2.8 million healthcare fraud