Maldives Prosecutor General Stabbed Amid Political Crisis

Maldives Political Crisis

Maldives Prosecutor General Hussain Shamim was stabbed by unknown assailants in broad daylight. The attack took place near Noor Mosque in Male city on Wednesday morning.

The prosecutor’s office said in a press release that Hussain, who was seriously injured, is being treated in the intensive care unit of ADK hospital. The incident comes amid a political crisis in the country over relations with India. Hussain’s hand was injured. He was stabbed in the wrist while trying to escape from the attack.

Hussain was appointed as the Prosecutor General when the country was ruled by the MDP (Maldivean Democratic Party) led by Ibrahim Mohamed Salih. MDP is currently in the opposition. It is reported that there were no security personnel at the time of the attack.

The opposition is moving to impeach the President of Maldives, Mohamed Muisu. Muizu, who is strongly pro-China, has recently come under fire for allowing a Chinese spy ship to anchor in the country. It is reported that the opposition has started proceedings for impeachment in Parliament. The MDP is making a move against Muizu in alliance with the Democrats.

It is reported that 34 members, including representatives of MDP and Democrats, have supported the impeachment motion. Maldives’ relations with India have deteriorated since Muisu took office as president.