Tragic Shooting: Parents Charged with Manslaughter in Toddler's Death


Kenton: The three-year-old’s parents have been charged with manslaughter after their two-year-old brother was accidentally shot dead. Last week, the tragic incident took place in Kenton County, USA. According to local authorities, one of the reasons for the tragedy was that the parents left a gun loaded with bullets for a three-year-old child to pick up.

A three-year-old boy said during police interrogation that he saw his father’s gun on the tablecloth while watching Spider-Man on TV. When asked who shot his brother, the boy bluntly replied ‘me’. According to the investigation report, the parents failed to save the two-year-old boy’s life by leaving the loaded gun in reach of the children. The report also points out that the two-year-old’s death was due to parental negligence. Kenton County Commonwealth’s Attorney Rob Sanders told the media that the tragedy could have been avoided.

Parents charged with Manslaughter for failure to protect their children from a loaded, unsecured gun, resulting in the death of their 2 year old.

The incident took place on the 22nd. Initial reports were that a two-year-old boy had been shot at a home in Cowing, US. The child was given first aid but pronounced dead at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. Following the incident, the children’s mother, Selina Farrell (23), is facing charges of second-degree murder, possession and abandonment of a firearm by a felon, Hindustan Times reported. The children’s father, Tashawn Adams, 21, was also charged with second-degree manslaughter and resisting arrest for helping Selena Farrell escape.

The children’s mother, Selena, who fled the scene before the police arrived, was captured by US Marshals in a hotel room on the 25th. However, media reported that she told the police that she was absconding because of an arrest warrant because she wanted to attend her son’s funeral. At the same time, the children’s father, Adams, told police that he and Selena were in the living room when they heard the gunshots. Reports also state that Adams called 911 immediately after realizing the child had been shot.