Royal Recovery: King Charles and Princess Kate Leave Hospital

Hospital discharge

London – Britain’s King Charles and Princess of Wales Kate, who were undergoing treatment at the London Clinic private hospital, left the hospital. Both of them returned home yesterday after treatment. The king was admitted to the hospital for postoperative treatment. He spent three nights in the hospital after completing the treatment and returned to the palace happily. While returning in the car with his wife Camilla, the king greeted the journalists with raised arms and returned smiling and happy. Buckingham Palace sources said the monarch will avoid public events for a few days. Four to six weeks of rest is usually required for these types of surgical procedures. The King was treated by an expert team of doctors led by Consultant Urological Surgeon Rick Popert.

Princess Kate also returned to Windsor Castle yesterday morning after a 13-day hospital stay. The princess was admitted to the hospital for abdominal surgery. But the exact information about this has not been released officially. Kate has been staying away from public events since Christmas. When she came to the hospital for treatment and when she returned after the treatment, Kate’s travels were without giving a face to the media.


King Charles and Princess Kate leave hospital