General Sir Patrick Sanders Advocates Compulsory Military Service

British Military Service

London ∙ General Sir Patrick Sanders, the head of the army, wants to implement compulsory military service for the citizens of Britain. General Sir Patrick Sanders said the nation could not afford to make the mistakes of 1914. Sir Patrick Sanders gives the forewarning that the government of the day failed to understand the severity that led to the First World War and that it should be vigilant to prevent similar incidents from happening again. General Sir Patrick Sanders is a vocal critic of troop cuts and cuts to military spending.

Sir Patrick Sanders has said that the size of the army has halved in the last thirty years, with a 28% reduction in the last twelve years. Former CGS General Lord Dannett has said in recent days that unless more attention is paid to the armed forces, there is a risk of a repeat of the developments of the 1930s in Britain. This lends further support to Sir Patrick Sanders’ arguments. Sir Patrick’s arguments will be the subject of more serious debate when General Sir Rollie Walker is due to be appointed as CGS in June. The number of applications to join the military remains at a six-year high.


British citizens may face compulsory military service