Israeli Army Attacks Palestinian Hospital, Killing Patients

Palestinian Hospital AttackSHORT TITLE: Hospital Attack: Israeli Soldiers Kill PatientsImage File Name: hospital_attack_israeli_soldiers.jpg

Ramallah: The Israeli army, disguised as doctors and women, stormed a Palestinian hospital and killed a young man, his brother and a friend who were being treated for tired legs. Muhammad Jalamneeh, his brothers Basil Alghasawi and Muhammad Alghasawi were killed at the Jenin Ibn Sina Hospital in the West Bank.

Bassil was being treated after being injured in a missile attack in Jenin months ago. The hospital authorities said that his brother and friend had come to help him who was in a wheelchair. Kuruti took place around 5.30 am on Tuesday.

12 people armed with guns, including three in the guise of women and two in the guise of doctors, created a terror atmosphere in the hospital and committed murder.

Parts of the hospital were damaged in the attack. Tawfiq Alshoubaki, director of the hospital, said that there were even soldiers dressed as nurses in the group, and as soon as they entered, they all pulled out their guns. Doctors, nurses and hospital staff who tried to resist were also attacked. Video footage of the shocking attack has surfaced. The Palestinian Ministry of Health demanded that the three were not involved in any attack, that the incident was a war crime and that the international community should take action against Israel.

Earlier, Israel attacked the same hospital. Israeli forces killed 114 people in Gaza in 24 hours. 249 people were injured. With this, the number of people killed has increased to 26,751.