Biden Grapples with Fallout: Pressure Mounts After Soldiers Killed in Jordan

Biden soldiers Iran

Houston: President Joe Biden is under pressure after three US soldiers were killed in a drone strike in northeastern Jordan. The Biden administration is in a state of uncertainty in this regard even as the clamor to strike back is rising from many quarters.

Biden has made it clear that Iran is responsible for the attack, but he does not think a war in the Middle East is necessary in retaliation. Biden also said that those who supplied the weapons to the people who attacked (Iran) are responsible. Biden said this in response to a question about whether Iran was responsible for the brutal attack.

Over the weekend, three soldiers were killed and 34 injured in a midnight drone attack on a small outpost in Jordan. President Joe Biden is facing intense political pressure to retaliate against Iran, which carried out a deadly drone strike against US troops, posing a major challenge to Democrats in an election year.

Biden believes that attacking Iran will lead to great discomfort in the region. He says that he is trying to avoid this. Such a battle would tire Biden in the months leading up to the polls. But the pressure from Republicans to fight back will affect Biden. Reports say that Biden’s status is deteriorating in the rerun with former President Donald Trump.

“Biden is under a lot of pressure. The administration is kind of in the dark. Either one is blamed for being weak. Or accuse him of being a warmonger.” – Colin Clark, director of research at the Soufan Center in New York, told AFP.

The White House says Biden is considering an appropriate response to the attack on a base in Jordan that killed three US soldiers. “We will respond,” Biden told the crowd at a campaign event at a church in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Iran says it has nothing to do with the attack. Still, Biden blamed Iran-backed militias. National Security Council spokesman John Kirby vehemently denied that the election would influence Biden’s decision.

Republicans have turned the issue into a political weapon as they seek to return to the White House in November’s election and avenge his loss to Biden in 2020. Trump described the attack as ‘the consequence of Joe Biden’s weakness and capitulation.’


Biden faces strong political pressure