Tragic Death of Indian Student in US: Hammer Attack Shocks Community

Indian student death

Washington: An Indian student was tragically killed in the US. Vivek Saini (25), who was working part-time at a shop in Georgia, died. The incident that took place on January 16 has now come to light. Vivek and his friends sheltered homeless Julian Faulkner for a few days in the shop where he worked.

Along with shelter, they gave him food and water. Eyewitnesses said that when he asked him to leave the shop, Vivek was killed by hitting him on the head with a hammer. Other employees of the store also confirmed this. He asked us for coke and chips. We provided everything including water.-WSB TV reported quoting the employee of the foodmart.

He asked us for a blanket. No one had a blanket so we were given a jacket. After some time they asked us for cigarettes, water and food. He was right next to us. We never asked him to go to the shop as it was very cold.

After a few days, Vivek told Faulkner to leave or he would call the police. While Vivek was getting ready to go home, Faulkner attacked him with a hammer. He hit Vivek on the face and head at least 50 times.-The colleague continued.

Vivek was brutally beaten and died on the spot. The police reached the spot and arrested Faulkner. Two hammers and knives were seized from his hand.

Two years ago after completing his B.Tech, Vivek came to the US for his MBA studies.